What are the most frequent questions asked by engineers about helical blade mixers?
By Randell Cheyne

There are four common questions that are asked most often about helical blade mixers. Three are easy to answer. The fourth takes some time and information about your product and the variables.

YES, and the helical blade is 75% more efficient than the anchored blades. The helical blades create a 'serial flow.' The viscos material is pushed down to the bottom of the vessel then forced to the center and pushed back up to the top. This flow pattern is the most efficient method of mixing—reduces mixing time, keep batch temperatures even and produces a consistent product. This powerful, efficient and versatile low speed helical blade agitator can be combined with a high-speed disperser to provide optimum batch turnover. It helps eliminate hot or cold spots in temperature controlled processes and provides greater control of viscosity, particle size, color and other qualities affected by the mixing process.

YES. The wall scraper is available to manufacturers mixing a process. The wall scraper helps with the process of heating or cooling the product.
It is not more expensive—they cost the same. However, if you figure the helical mixer is 75% more effective, then the helical mixer actually costs less than the anchor mixer.
That depends on the variables—relative viscosity, specific gravity and solvents. Reynolds helical mixers work extremely well with the eco-friendly products. Because ecofriendly products use water as a solvent it has caused the mixture to be much heavier and the helical mixer is the perfect choice.
Randell Cheyne is a sales Engineer for Reynolds Mixers. Randell has 23 years' experience specifying and designing mixers and systems to produce product for manufacturers of paint, silicone, caulk, ink, resins and adhesives. If you have mixing questions, you can contact Randell at r.cheyne@reynoldsmixers.com

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